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Friday, April 16, 2010

they've come to take him away!

We are finally on Spring Break and we have been looking forward to it! Harrison has been VERY excited to get on out of here for his annual trip to FL!!!

Every year since the boys turned three they have had the privilege of going to see Mimi and Papa for a week. They go in the Spring and they look so forward to these trips. We don't get to be at Mimi and Papa's house very much so any chance they get is such a treat! Mimi and Papa enjoy the one on one time they get with each of the boys and special memories are always made!

Mimi and Papa flew in yesterday and spent the afternoon with us. They had a flight that was bright and early waiting for them the next morning! We spent most of our time outside playing and Papa helped the boys practice their batting.

many of the balls went into the woods beside our house so there was a lot of hitting and then hunting.

Taylor popped over to play too

We had dinner outside on the Patio...Anthony wasn't able to be there until just before we had to leave for Harrison's baseball game so we had to go ahead and eat dinner.

my BIG boy! we sure are going to miss him this week but knowing that he will be having the time of his life with his grandparents and his Aunt Vonda, Uncle Ian, and cousins - well, it makes it a little easier on his mama. :) he looks so grown up here!

now that's not ever lady like. :)

this is a little blurry but i LOVE this face she makes!

Mimi and Papa were so excited to be here for one of Harrison's baseball games. He was SO excited and played very well!


Katy said...

i LOVE the one of addison and mimi - it's SOOO cute!! And aren't you just LOVING eating on your patio????? LOVe it!

Sheila said...

Wow! When I was scrolling thru these pics it simply confirms how I feel about Spring time. It is truly my favorite time of the year. The freshness of outdoor fun is GREAT! Enjoy!!!!
Love, Mom