Reflections of a Mom's Life

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

8 is GREAT!

Harrison is home.

SO wonderful to have our boy back with us. He had a FABULOUS time in FL but we sure did miss him. :)

I have to take a moment and brag on him...because I can...I'm his mom! :)

He has been such a blessing. He is quick to obey, looking for ways to help, blessing his brother and sister, doing his best, loving Jesus, surprising me moment after moment these days with his happy heart and desire to make wise choices!!!!


I think 8 is going to be GREAT!!! There is something to love about every year with your children...something new and of course there are always some challenges. :) but, WOW have we seen some serious growing up in our boy and I am ONE PROUD MOMMY!!!

We love you Harrison and we are SO proud of the young man you are becoming! May you always have a tender heart toward God and the other people around you! We are looking forward to this year and all the years to come with you little man!!


Courtney said...

8 IS great!!

Janet said...

SO thrilled to hear that the transition back to "reality" has gone well this week and you've seen wonderful heart changes. I think eight is great too (with Lindsey) and I'm hoping nine will be fine!

Cheesy I know, but it's pretty late for me. :)

Vonda said...

Amen! Harrison was precious when he came down to visit us! We so much enjoyed his visit and he was such a big help with his cousins too! I can't believe how much he is growing up. When I helped him put on his goggles for the pool I looked down and I got a glimpse of when Anthony was young. They do favor but he also has a good mix of his Mama too. We miss him already!!!

Katy said...

and SOME of that greatness has to do with a pretty amazing mom who has given up an awful lot this year to focus on his little heart - and look what a difference a year makes!! YEA for Harrison and for Mommy! :) Everyone wins! :)