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Saturday, April 10, 2010

first big game of the season

Here is my BIG boy! One of the mighty Ironbirds! This is Harrison's second year of coach pitched baseball. He loves it and we love supporting him! It's also his first year to wear a 'cup'. Had to put that in there so I will remember. That is kind of a big step in the direction of being a man...oh my! It's all new to me too. :)

Jackson practiced with Daddy while we were getting ready for the game to start.

she loves all the attention from her brother Jackson!

still can't believe he is 8!

Jackson spent most of the game jumping these bushes. It kept him and a few other boys entertained. :)

what a handsome boy he is!

our friend Duncan was playing in the game after ours so we stayed for few minutes to get some pictures of him too!

after we left the game, we headed over to CFA for a Peach Milkshake to celebrate the FIRST game! any excuse to get my hands on one of those milkshakes! :)

as you can see, Harrison got really tickled. we ALL got tickled. we were waiting in the drive thru and Anthony already had the window down but there was a car ordering in front of us. here is how that went...

CFA: "hello, this is Candace, may I take your order?" (or something like that)

Customer: placing their order but you couldn't hear anything.

CFA: "excuse me, I'm sorry, I can't here a word you are saying."

Customer: "HOW 'BOUT NOW!!!" "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW" (literally SHOUTING as loud as you can imagine)

we had to roll up the window. we were all laughing SO hard. it suprised us and really got the boys tickled. Addison joined in on all the laughing. she hates to miss out on any fun. :) i had to snap these pictures of Harrison because he was laughing so hard he could hardly stand it. he kept repeating the whole thing and Jackson kept saying "HOW' BOUT NOW!!! "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!!!"

it was one of those moments I never want to forget. just having fun with our kids...and it didn't hurt that we had yummy shakes to share too. :)


Janet said...

That's hilarious! I'm sure you all will be sitting, at the dinner table, and someone will just start yelling: "HOW BOUT NOW!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!!" It'll get you laughing all over again. :)

Vonda said...

Yes I agree with Janet...this will be one of those times you will replay that a hundred times and the 100th time will be just as funny! That's what is so great about always have these great "inside stories or jokes" like the "Baton Rouge moment"...hee hee! LOVE that picture of Harrison laughing at the end!

Linda Williams said...

What a happy 8 year old he is and we cannot wait for some of those precious moments that we will have next week with him on his birthday trip to Florida! You really got some great pictures! And yes, he is a handsome dude!

Mimi and Papa

Jen said...

Sadly - Joe would be the person in the other car yelling at the drive thru box. He hates those things!

The boys look so big all decked out for the season.