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Thursday, April 15, 2010

her hair

i LOVE her hair!

it's SO curly

i don't know why it's so curly but i love it! we have lots of "wave" in the family but not curls like this! my sister Grace was really curly when she was little so maybe that's where she gets it from. not from me. my hair is straight as can be.

the longer it gets, the curlier it gets

she is so sweet

i love my pretty little girl with ringlet curls.

i never imagined she would have ANY curls, much less this many!

and i can't imagine her any other way!


Jenn said...

love those curls!!

enjoy them day she will discover a flat iron :) mine is curly too..but i hardly ever "let it go"!

Vonda said...

OH MY WORD...women pay for curls like that. Hello like her Aunt Vonda!!! Oh Beth, Addison is a beauty and we can't wait to see her again real soon! Tell my brother he needs to go ahead and get a shotgun for Addison's teen years. Hee hee!

Sherri said...
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Sherri said...

I really do love those curls!!!!

Katy said...

i love it too - and everytime i see her pix, it still catches me off guard! it has gotten so long and so curly all of a sudden!!

Sheila said...

Amazing! She is sooooooooooooo beautiful with ALL those curls!
Absolutely LOVE these pics!!!!
Love, Mom