Reflections of a Mom's Life

Friday, April 2, 2010

the sweetest three kids i ever did see

snapped this picture on the front porch today. needed to 'try' and get a group photo for some photo stamps i wanted to order.

i can NEVER get the three of them this cute in a picture! i LOVE it. made it my new blog header. :)

love, love, love these three kids of mine and I'm SO thankful they call me mom!


Janet said...

SERIOUSLY beautiful children!!

Linda Williams said...

You will not get an argument from their Mimi!

Also, I LOVE the boy's haircuts! You do such a great job.....I know, I know.....I do like their hair short, and I DO like it now! Ha. They are SO HANDSOME! and that little girl in the middle is one more beautiful little girl! Do I sound prejudiced? No...I just know beautiful and handsome when I see it!


Stacy said...

Your kids are soooo adorable! And i know what you mean about getting a cute picture of all 3. can't tell you how many times i get try to get one of all my kiddos and one of them is crying, looking the other way or just a cheesy smile on one of them. This one is definitely a keeper!

Courtney said...

SO cute!