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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jackson's first t-ball game

he was SO excited for his FIRST game! he has waited a long time to play and we are SO thrilled it is finally his turn!

picture time!

listening to the coach explain how the position board works

because this was Opening Day at the Baseball Field they had a truck selling hot dogs and all kinds of goodies. Jackson was BEGGING for a hot dog. This kid is so hungry...I can hardly keep him satisfied. I guess he's just a growing boy! I told him that he needed to choose. We always do a slurpee after the game but if he wanted to trade in his slurpee for a hot dog he could. He opted for the hot dog. Not surprising at all!!! He LOVES food! :)

He did such a good job. It is always just the cutest thing to see those little boys out on the field. You have to expect the unexpected in T-Ball. nobody is ever really ready for the ball and it's a hoot watching those little ones run around. It's just as entertaining to watch the many coaches out on the fields trying to direct these little wild children running all over the place or doodling in the dirt. I just love it! :)

Jackson's coach has a big tub of old fashioned Bubble Gum that the boys can chew during practices and games. He actually has a lot of fun ways of keeping the kids engaged, organized and having FUN. Jackson was a hoot chewing his big wad of gum during the game! :)

this next series of pictures is priceless to me. seeing the distractions of playing in the's hard to stay focused. :) he kept saying, the ball is NEVER gonna come to me out here mom!

playing with dirt

moving from the ready position to the squat position (which is not a "real" position")

now in the sitting position. :)

maybe i'll toss my glove in the air...that could be fun!

water break...

saying hey to his sister

love that it's baseball season again! so glad that Jackson can participate! these are FUN days were are living right now! :)


Heather said...

oh my word...he is SO cute!!

Janet said...

I love the outfield pictures. True to little boys that age.

Vonda said...

Ya know Mom is gonna say the same thing as me, but I so remember Anthony playing in the dirt too! Cutest seems like it was just yesterday and now he is SERIOUS about playing and hitting the ball. Amazing what 30+ years will do for a little boy huh? But honestly it's so much fun watching little boys play in the dirt and come up with some of the things they do when they are out in the field! Jackson looks like such a SLUGGER!!! GO LITTLE J!!!

Linda Williams said...

What a cutie! And yes, just like Vonda makes me think so much of his dad! He would much rater play "doodle-bug, doodle bug, want you come out" than to watch for the ball. And then of course my memory also recalls his Daddy saying, "Anthony! Watch for the ball!" Did not do much good back then, but I guess now Anthony probably watches for the ball. Ha!
Yes, these are precious times. You have a man in the making....oops....No, you have 2 men in the making!

Mimi and Papa

Adam and Natalie said...

That top picture is a framer!

I love all of your pics. Brings so many memories back of spending days all summer at the baseball fields. Bernie and I were on a tee ball team together. We were the barraccudas and I still remember my coaches. I love that Jackson gets bubble gum. I can tell he's got a great coach.