Reflections of a Mom's Life

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

relaxing in her stroller

babies. babies. babies.

it's all she plays! i love watching her play.

this time she decided she was the baby and wanted to hang out in the "stroller".

love my little stinker.


Katy said...

that is SO fun! it is the cutest stroller after all - and the cutest little girl inside of it!! won't be long before you won't let her get in there b/c she'll be too big!!!

Vonda said...

Look at that cadillac of a stroller! That is fancy...Ella Rose and Carolina Grace desperately need a new one because there's is falling apart! Oh Addison is such a sweetie pie...such a girlie girl!!!

dandsratz said...

Beth!!!! She is SOOOOOOOOO cute!!!! I love this!!! :)