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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring and Sticks

there are many, many reasons i LOVE Spring! warm weather, a cool breeze, flip flops, blue skies, longer days, picnics and playgrounds...i could go on and on. flowers, however, top the list when it comes to the reasons I love Spring...especially the ones in my yard! i really do love planting and gardening flowers. i'd love to be more knowledgeable about gardening and landscaping. i'd love to venture into some vegetables some day....

but for now, it's flowers. each year i seem to find another spot that needs to be filled and i get SO excited each spring as i look forward to things popping up and peeking through the ground. although, there are two things i'm not sure about...maybe you can help me out. there are these two sticks in our yard...well, I don't want to get too far ahead. let's start with the good.

it's only a sampling of what's out there and it's so fun to look back on previous years and see how much things have really grown!

my cherry trees

these trees just make me smile!

my purple this stuff! comes back every year and keeps on spreading

drawing a blank on this one but i love it's little pink flowers

my yellow bell...or forsythia. love it but only half of it bloomed this year. anybody know what i should do about that?

peonies are getting ready and the day lilies will be blooming soon!

can't wait for the yellow blooms that will cover this beauty!

Hydrangea...anticipating that gorgeous blue color!

OK... some new additions to the yard thanks to the City of Raleigh...

don't know the name of this tree but i'm enjoying it's little blooms

now. for the sticks...

these two trees below leave a little to be desired. look at them. can we even really call them trees??? they look more like sticks to me! :) they ARE sticks. plain and simple.

Anthony said we'll give them a year and if we don't like what we see we'll yank them up! the guy who dropped them off said sometimes they cut off the branches for shipping purposes. well, i can see were that may make sense. i guess.

i didn't even want to plant them. they look ridiculous! but, maybe we'll be surprised. :)

so it's definitely looking like Spring around here...except for the sticks!


Heather said...

lol! i'm so glad you took pics of those growing sticks:)

Rachel said...

What a beautiful spring yard!

But the "sticks"?! I laughed so hard until I was crying! I showed them to Ryan and he said "is that an April fools joke?" You will definitely have to do a follow up post to let us know if they turn into anything!

Happy Easter from Chesapeake! Beach tomorrow, yay! :)

Janet said...

Glad you posted about these 'stick trees'. That is just hilarious! We'll want "stick tree updates" of course! :)

Love spring time!!!

Linda Williams said...

What a beautiful yard! You have done a beautiful job!

Mimi and Papa

Stacy said...

love all your beautiful flowers and bushes! Not sure all those would grow in Cleveland soil, so thanks for sharing the pics. this is definitely my favorite time of year, too!