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Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Jackson!!!

Today our "little J" is 5 years old! I can hardly believe it. The time has gone by way too fast. We have enjoyed spending time making his day extra special. We started with Krispy Kreme's for breakfast! :)

He had his 5 year old check-up...I guess getting shots on your birthday is not really that great but he was SO brave and we moved on quickly! He's 49lbs and in the 90th percentile, his height is in the 95th percentile. What a big boy he is turning out to be!

aren't these two the cutest! they love each other so much!

we shopped a little and and he picked out his own Star Wars figures for his birthday. he got a Leapster from Mimi & Papa so he's been pretty excited about playing that today too!

he picked Chick-fil-A for his birthday lunch. it was fun...if only Daddy and Harrison could have been with us it would have been even better. our time was sweet today, just the three of us. everywhere we went I made sure to mention it was his birthday. he was beaming! everyone was SO sweet to him. :)

Mommy and Daddy love you SO much! You bring such LIFE to our family and you are always ready with a huge smile. We love your passion for enjoying every moment of every day. You love people and you try your best to make them feel included. You love Jesus and I love how you say "I've crossed Him in my heart, mommy". We love how much you love your brother and sister and how you will often think of them before you think of yourself. I love your voice and your laugh, I just can't get enough! You are such a smart boy Jackson and we look forward to seeing all you will learn this year in school. We love your determination, focus, and desire to do your very best in all that you do. What joy you bring to our family!

We are praying that you will become a mighty man of God and that you will serve Jesus with your whole heart. He has BIG plans for you Jackson and we can't wait to see all the God has in store for you. God made you Jackson and He loves every single thing about you...Mommy & Daddy do too! We are so proud of you and are so blessed to be able to be your parents!

We love you Jackson!!!

Mommy & Daddy


Heather said...

Look at you gettin' all fancy with the pictures:). Happy Birthday, Jackson!! You are SO special to us!

Katy said...

Happy Birthday Jackson!! I only wish we could have been there to have all that fun with you on your special day! I know he LOVED being the focus of the day (who doesn't) and I know his party will be so fun this weekend! We love you SOOOOOO much!!!!

Janet said...

How did I miss this?? Being away has really messed me up! Happy Birthday Jackson!!! Looks like a special day indeed!!

Sheila said...

Jackson looks so big in these pics! Wow! Happy Birthday to Jackson! I can't wait to be ther on Sunday to celebrate with you!!!
Love, Mamaw