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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

spring break

i have to say i'm really enjoying our spring break. so nice to have a week to really slow down. most of the time i like to travel and pack in as much fun as i possibly can...i love that, i'm all for that, and it looks like most of my summer will be just exactly like that...but i'm enjoying this change of pace. a much slower pace and a very light schedule. time to sit, catch up, go slow, and take a deep breath. ahhhh!

thankfully Harrison is in FL right now packing in loads of fun with his Aunt Vonda and her girls. i asked him if he missed me this morning and he said, "mom (in that drawn out tone that kids do when they are kind of aggravagted you've asked) of course i miss you. BUT you said you wanted me to have fun." yes, yes, yes. i did say that and i'm so thankful that he is so close (emotionally, we're not close physically) to his grandparents and his Aunt, Uncle, & cousins that he is not thinking about getting back home quite yet. it's truly a blessing. he and i will be refreshed and ready to finish up our school year when he gets back in town!

here are a few things that have gotten me excited this week...

a storm door for our back door. just got installed today and i have been looking forward to this for a long time. it took some convincing but Anthony finally agreed and i don't think he will be disappointed! it will be so nice to have the back door open. i love sunlight coming in and i'm a huge fan of storm doors.

and this one is fancy schmancy...if you can say that about a storm least it is to me. :) it has the pull down screen that is part of the top portion of the door. i'm excited to be able to use the screen in the spring and fall for a breeze as well being able to really hear what the kids are up to. :) and i won't have to worry about any children pushing the screen OUT as is what happened to our neighbors nice new door. boo.

and another thing that has really got me going is the arrival of a little house for Addison. our friends, the Barbours, had out grown this little house and offered it up to Addison. that little girl was SO excited when we got it all set up and she realized what it was...

oh how she loves it! and i love that she loves it. she fills the house with all her babies and has a ball!

and what else you might wonder??? all this excitement, could there possibly more??? :)

my cutie umbrella for our picnic table had been ripped to shreds by a little doggy we used to know. poor thing chewed up a lot of our things and i had to replace the umbrella and the water toys to Addison's water table. it was fun to get those replacements in the mail this week.

so you see, i can find such fun in the littlest of things. doesn't take much to make me happy or relaxed these days! :)

we still have most of our week left and i'm going to make the very most of it, in the very smallest ways possible!


Janet said...

Brian would say that there really is NO vacation like a stay-cation! And I always say I need a vacation AFTER the 'away vacation'. We've really lost the "sit out on the porch and sip lemonade" kind of break. I'm so glad you are getting that this week!

Katy said...

i LOVE your storm door - it is BEAUTIFUL!!! i know you're going to LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Who knew we'd get so excited over doors one day when we great up! the house is adorable - of course addison loves it!!! callie will love playing with her in it!! and oh, the days when you were dog owners...aren't you glad that's behind you! :)

Sheila said...

I too LOVE your new storm door. There is nothing quite like sunshine streaming in thru a storm door. Way to go! As for the play adorable is that? More evidence that a girl lives in the Harrison Home. :)
Love, Mom