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Saturday, April 10, 2010

the Zoo

Yesterday we took the day and went to the Zoo. It's a little less than 2 hours from us so you kind of have to plan for it. We planned to go with three other ladies and their kids. Anthony was able to take off work last minute...which is a HUGE thing. He just doesn't get to do that so we were even MORE excited when we realized he would be going with us!!!

The weather was perfect and we loved it! The membership was just a bit more than we were going to pay to get in so we went that route and look forward to going back...the place is HUGE and we just couldn't get it all in. AND, we can go to many other Zoo's across the country and the Aquarium so we think we have more fun trips in our future!

Flamingos...they were so pretty.

I don't have a ton of pictures of the animals. I don't really like having lots of pictures that don't have someone I love in them so I mostly took pictures of the people! :)

the gorillas

everywhere you turned there was something to climb on. I think the kids enjoyed that just as much as anything else!

we were kind of bummed that Mr. Lion was such a sleepy head.

see, I told you everyone love climbing on things.

except for Addison. she is finally on some allergy medicine now and feeling better but she was out of sorts for most of the day. poor girl!

it was such a blessing having Anthony with us. Daddy just always makes everything more fun and it also helps that he is so great at being a blessing. he was so helpful with ALL of the kids and helped the other mommy's too. he knows I have to do a lot of stuff on my own so he's very sensitive to that kind of thing. love him!

our favorite exhibit was most definitely the Polar Bear! He was SO big and SO beautiful. What a sight!


Sherri said...
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Janet said...

We've been there when it is SUPER hot, so good planning on going earlier. Looks like fun!

Vonda said...

Yea...THE ZOO! What a fun trip! And so glad Anthony was able to join y'all!!!

Linda Williams said...

That is a nice zoo! You remember we took the kids while you and Anthony were honeymooning in Hawaii. You know we had to do something a "little" special being as their parents were sunning in paradise....And yes, that place is so big that we felt like we only got a glimpse of it. It looks like you all had a great time! It is so much fun for children to get to go with their friends. I'm glad you got to go!

Mimi and Papa

Katy said...

a polar bear - that is the coolest!!! you know how much we love our zoo - so GLAD you guys got to get a pass to go anytime now!!! :)