Reflections of a Mom's Life

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Addison's FIRST Haircut!

Addison had her first haircut this past weekend. She had a mullet going on and I wanted to snip it off before it started looking too scraggly. She had been eating ice cream so that's why her face looks covered in dirt. :)

here are the before shots...

look at how long that curls up so much you can't really tell.

here goes nothing...

all done. it looks much cuter and now it will start to grow a bit more evenly. :)

showing her the hair we cut

typical Addison response. grossed out and bothered.

"get it away mommy!"

"ok, maybe i will touch it after all." :)


Janet said... I had some "my baby is growing up" today moments. Now I see this and think that this is YOUR baby's first haircut! Such a cutie and I love the messy face look!

Vonda said...

Those curls are amazing and just to think I'm gonna buy some of those next week! Hee hee! I can't believe she stayed so still!

dandsratz said...

I can't get over her adorable curls!!! Madie's is SOOOO I can't imagine the curls!!! They are precious!!!

Katy said...

her reaction pictures are SOO funny - they crack me up! that girl has definitely got some personality! (and for the record, she did NOT have a mullet!!!)

Reagan Lowe said...

She is so precious! How well behaved she was during her first hair cut!