Reflections of a Mom's Life

Monday, April 5, 2010

no Easter pix

so sad. but i have no Easter pictures of our family.

had to be at church at 7am on Sunday for WT so we were separated most of the morning. forgot my camera.

if i had had it, we could have gotten one at the church.

oh well.

Addison was asleep by the the time we got home (1:15pm) and then there was lunch...

we'll recreate it. maybe this weekend i can get us all dressed up again. :) we all were color coordinated and i think we looked pretty good too! :) it was a wonderful Easter though. great worship, sermon, and time spent with family!


Janet said...

It has taken me 15 years of being married to a music director to FINALLY dress the kids up the day before -for pictures. :)

Linda Williams said...

Now see......if your Mother-in-law had been there you would have had pictures....Maybe more than Anthony would have been still for!