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Sunday, October 25, 2009

you're wondering???

what were the kids doing while we were in Hawaii? Mimi always keeps good records of everything with her mad picture taking skills! here is a glimpse into their week with Mimi and Papa

Jackson had a soccer game on Friday. the most hilarious part about this was that Mimi had to take Jackson to the field while Papa took Harrison home to get shoes...that he forgot. it gets better...
Jackson went on out to the field and started playing. they were early mind you. finally, Mimi realized Jackson is the only boy on the team and is beginning to wonder what kind of soccer league we got him involved in. of course, Jackson said it was his coach...he would never be able to pick his coach out of crowd! Mimi decided to ask a lady next to her if she recognized Jackson and if this was the right place for him to be. The lady told her she had never seen him before and this was an all girls team!!! hilarious! he was out there having a ball, making goals and wasn't even on the right team. everyone is so great in this league, no one made him feel bad but as soon as they finished up he was able to go and join his team! too funny! :)

he really did very well at soccer!

she even got a group shot!

see, when Mimi is here you get to do fun stuff like bake a cake and get one whole round for decorate...and eat. :)

a trip to the zoo...


and popcorn that you pop on the stove. that was a real treat!

they even took Addison to get her flu shot. talk about incredible grandparents! they are SO good to us and so good to our kids! we love you Mimi and Papa! can't wait to see you again soon!


Vonda said...

Oh I LOVE it! The soccer story about Jackson playing with the girls is a hoot! I can so see him out there doing that too! Love all the pictures of Mimi and Papa's time with the kids. Ya know I'm sure the kids missed y'all but they were having a blast weren't they??? That's so great! So glad Mimi took some awesome pictures but of course I wouldn't expect anything less from Mrs. Kodak! And the pix of Jackson smushing his face is great!

Janet said...

That is just the best soccer story!! be a little kid where that simply doesn't matter at all. Love it!

Katy said...

oh my word - the soccer story - that is hilarious! talk about a one-track mind! he was focused on the goal at hand - playing soccer. little details like being on the right team are trivial! :) so so funny!