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Monday, October 26, 2009

Stoneridge Fall Festival

Another fun thing that we had going on while Vonda and the girls were here was our 1st annual neighborhood fall festival. What a fun time it was! We had a Firetruck, Bouncy House, sack races, hayrides, fun food and lots of fellowship with our incredible neighbors! I hardly saw Harrison, he was on the hayride the entire time. Jackson, Addison, Ella Rose, & Carolina Grace just enjoyed playing and eating! Towards the end we had a small bicycle/scooter/wagon/stroller parade....well, it turned into more like a race. So many boys in this neighborhood, it had to be a race!

Here are a few pix! Anthony was helping with the cotton candy and popcorn so I don't have any pictures of him!

the girls don't get juice boxes, can you tell all 3 of them were thrilled with this new exciting discovery!

and snow cones too!

this cracked me up. he's very particular you know. he wrapped his sack around him. that seemed like a much better idea than getting inside some scratchy old sack! can you really blame him?

looking forward to next year! i even won a 10 trip pass to Monkey Joe's in the raffle! how great is that!?!


Vonda said...

We need to start this in our neighborhood! What a blast! Love the pix at the end where Ella Rose is holding the backs of Jackson and Harrison! Is that not precious!

Katy said...

you lucky girl winning the raffle? looks like SO much fun!