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Friday, October 16, 2009


Jackson is playing soccer with Kickin' for the Cross this year. Half of their time is Instructional and the other half is a game with their teammates. He is hilarious. He is definitely one of the best on his team...if not the best! Do I sound biased? I'm serious though, it seems to come naturally to him. The funniest part though is that he'll run around, get the ball, make a goal and then come running out of the game to us and say, "me so tired, me already know how to play soccer." Clearly he feels that he's got down what he needs to know and we are just forcing him to be part of something he is already an expert at. Hilarious!

He HATES when they have to put on the Jerseys. THEY STINK he says! He is so bothered by touch, feel, smell, etc... Truly cracks me up! He's doing well and we're having so much fun cheering for him. It's been nice for Harrison to have a chance to sit and watch, as we are usually always watching him play all the sports! GO JACKSON!


Andy and Jen said...

I can't believe how big he is now, Beth. I still think of him as a baby.

Sheila said...

This is adorable with Jackson in his Tennessee outfit holding the ball. You should send one of those to Mom Mom, she would LOVE it! He is so funny... sooooooo glad to hear he is good at this sport and that it is finally his turn to play while the family cheers him on!
Love, Mom

Katy said...

i'm not surprised at all that he's a natural - it's good for him to get all that energy out! :) and i'm sure those jerseys do stink!

Linda Williams said...

Well, I tell you his Mimi was very impressed with his soccer playing, even if the first goal that he made was on a girl's team!


Vonda said...

Love the story Mimi tells about Jackson playing with the girls day he'll LOVE telling that story...or then maybe not! Ha! Jackson is gonna be a little natural athlete like his Daddy! And I betcha he'll be competitive like the Williams side too! We can't help's in the genes!!!