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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

leaving paradise

Hawaii has been AMAZING! we have had the BEST time.

time out: Sayid from LOST just walked into the President's Club where we are waiting for our flight. OH MY WORD. if only i could work up the courage to say hello!!! how fun to see someone from LOST. we have been talking about the show this whole week - filmed here...drove by that area. :) i want to get a picture but Anthony says that is not acceptable. AHHH!!!

OK. back to my post. we have had an absolutely incredible time together. so thankful for this chance to celebrate 10 amazing years with my man!

an hour and a half till take off so i'm gonna try to get some posts saved to draft. Anthony's reading the paper and once we're on the flight it will be time to sleep. back to the real world tomorrow.

can hardly WAIT to see the kids. we've sure missed them.


Janet said...

So thrilled you had a wonderful time. Your e-mail was cracking Brian and I up about seeing the black smoke and some of the "others". I hope you did stay away from John Lock as I warned you! :)

Can't wait to catch up!

Katy said...

oh my word - you seriously saw him? good thing david wasn't there - he would have DEFINITELy caused a scene! I've missed you this week - my phone has been too quiet! can't wait to hear all about it...but i'll let you sleep today!