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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hilton Head Favorites

Well, clearly the 2000+ photos that were taken on our fabulous Hilton Head Vacation in AUGUST have overwhelmed me. I must get them posted though or I fear I may never blog again and I miss it...blogging that is. So here goes. Just gonna post my favorites and then move on.

There are still a lot of photos (100+) but at least not as many as were taken! :)

This is what Mimi looked like on most of our vacation...

it is so wonderful to have so many pictures to remember this trip. i am thankful. we had such a wonderful time catching up and watching the kids get to know each other!

we rented bikes for the weeks. they were a blast! we rode with the kids every night and some mornings. those are some of my favorite memories of the week! Jackson loved it so much he and Anthony went on long morning or afternoon rides just the two of them.

so fun having these kids together...FINALLY!

the boys loved riding on the luggage cart with Papa for any bringing up the groceries!

Poor Addison did NOT like the sand. she made sure we knew it too. i thought maybe she would get over it but she didn't. if we were on the beach, she was in the stroller. she just doesn't like getting dirty or the way it feels i guess! :)

Mimi tried her best to get Addison to try but she just kept those little feet raised up the entire time

Mimi loved having all her grandbabies together in one place!

we had a double date night at a wonderful restaurant called Santa Fe!

Mimi brought some old vacation videos that made us laugh!

I set her down to try it out again...she made it for a few minutes.

it didn't take her long to decide she was over it! :)

Harrison and Jackson were able to participate in the pool games! so fun!

waiting for our homemade ice cream

Mimi tried very hard to get group pictures of the kids. As you may imagine, five children make pictures very interesting! :)

look at that face! this sweetie has the funniest and most interesting facial expressions! i love it!

love these boys SO much!

yum, yum! homemade oreo ice cream!

Ella Rose is the smart one! I think Vonda could have died but we thought it was hilarious! gotta love two year olds! they go for exactly what they know they want. :)

Here was maybe the best attempt of a family picture. I probably have 500 of this brief hour spent that morning. CRAZY! so I just picked one to post.

whew! glad I can now start posting again! Hilton Head is DONE!


Courtney said...

wow! you guys had so much fun and have so many great pictures! start posting more often, ok?? i've missed you! :-)

Heather said...

i know how overwhelming it can be to post a week's worth of beach pics!! i just love addison's reaction to the sand because it reminds me of how cailey used to be with sand AND grass:).

Sheila said...

I am so glad you found the time to post again.... I absolutely love seeing the pictures of the children together. What FUN you must have had!
Love, Mom

Jen said...

2 comments - Just how many swimsuits does Addison have and when did she grow up? I can't believe how much bigger and older she looks now. Can't wait to squeeze her in a month!

Katy said...

you did good beth!!! love them all - there are some really GREAT pics in there. i almost didn't recognize addison in that first picture of her hating the sand - that is hilarious!!!! a little bit surprising! :) and i LOVE the new picture of you and anthony - you look GREAT! :)

Linda Williams said...

I know I make your life miserable by taking so many pictures, but aren't we glad that we have every one of them! Ha. We had a wonderful time and how I praise the Lord for the opportunity that we all had to be together! Thank God for our family!

Mimi and Papa