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Friday, October 16, 2009

catching up...

posted 8 new posts! now it's my turn to overwhelm YOU!

Hawaii and pictures from the kids time with Mimi & Papa will be next.

so glad to be catching up...want to have time to put up the fun daily adventures going on around here.

here's an example...

like, coming home from a week in paradise only to be woken up at 12:45am by a child with a stomach virus who vomited all over our bathroom floor trying to make it to the potty (thankfully NOT in his bed) and then continued to every hour the entire night until 2pm the next day. and go to take the dog out of her crate only to find it filled with pee. and jet lag and readjustment to 6 hour time change. exhaustion comes to mind.

talk about coming back to the REAL WORLD!!! we left paradise back in Hawaii! :)

Harrison is feeling better today so I'm very thankful! a lot of prayer was lifted up yesterday for my attitude and i know that my God sustained me! so very thankful i don't have to tackle these HARD days on my own!!!

today is SO MUCH BETTER! yay!!!

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Linda Williams said...

Poor baby.....I hate it that he got to a greater degree what little Jackson had had earlier in the week.

Glad he got over it and no one else had gotten sick.

Mimi and Papa