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Monday, October 26, 2009

Vollmer Farm

One of our field trips with our co-op this year was to Vollmer Farm. We loved it! We had a hay ride, visited the bee observatory, played on the back 40 - a kids dream come true outdoor playground, and picked a pumpkin. The best part of all was that Vonda and the girls were going to be here the week of the field trip. It made it that much more fun for them to be able to go with us!

Harrison sure adores Ella Rose!

love the 3

i have to imagine i have this look a lot. the mommy face!

look at her little feet up in the air. this was perfect for Ella Rose! she probably could have jumped all day!

this boys is getting too big WAY too fast!

doesn't this look like fun! corn!

my sweet dare devil yet. she HATES slides. they just make her cry. :( poor thing!

isn't she precious!

Ell Rose LOVED the sand! truly every kid's favorite thing!

We truly had a wonderful time! I'm SO glad they could be with us!


Vonda said...

We're glad we could be with y'all too! What a fun trip to the pumpkin farm! Every time Ella Rose sees a pumpkin she talks about it! Oh my girls adore their cousins and Aunt Bethie and Uncle Anky!

Katy said...

talk about an AWESOME farm -that looks like SOO much fun!!!