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Friday, October 16, 2009

Building Workshop at Lowes

Tom, Grace, and their kids Baylee and Savannah came to visit us a few weekends ago. Sadly, these are the only pictures I took of our weekend together! What was I thinking?

It was really yucky on Saturday and so we skipped Jackson's soccer game and sent all the 'big' kids to the Lowes Workshop where they were able to make the most adorable firetrucks! They had a blast and I think the dad's did too!

We had a GREAT weekend with them. Headed over to South Point for some yummy Maggiano's on Saturday night and window shopping. Sunday was relaxing and had it not been for the flat tire they had on Sunday about 25 minutes into their trip...we could have said it was perfect! It was an adventure to say the least! We met them to return Grace's wallet and found out that Roadside Assistance wouldn't be able to help them. Their tire had malfunctioned and they were going to need a new one. No problem...except it was Sunday afternoon and nothing was open! After a 25 minute drive to Rocky Mt. we got a tire from Walmart. All the kids were troopers and watched a lot of movies that night. Grace was a little uptight because Savannah had to ride without a car seat but we really didn't have many options trying to fit 4 adults and 5 children into our van!

After we got the tire, we drove another 30 minutes in a completely different direction to Kenly, NC to the closest truck stop that was willing to put the new tire on the rim for their truck. Ate dinner at Wendy's and tended to some very stir crazy children! THEN, we drove 45 minutes back to their truck...can you see why the kids were watching so many movies??? Anthony and Tom put the new tire on and then we all headed 25 minutes and them 2 1/2 hours. We felt TERRIBLE that this had happened. What a way to taint a trip. I sure hope it won't keep them from coming back! I was just glad we were close enough to help. I hated the thought of them sitting on the side of the road with two baby girls!


Katy said...

i still can't believe that - it could have been so much worse, but how AWFUL!!!

Linda Williams said...

It was so good that you and Anthony could help them out. Flat tires never happen at a convenient time, do they! \

Mimi and Papa