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Friday, October 16, 2009

Anthony's 1st 1/2 Marathon

Anthony was SO supportive of me while I trained for my first 1/2 Marathon. After he saw that I was able to do one and ENJOY it he was sure he wanted to do one too! He signed up for the Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon in VA Beach Labor Day weekend, September 6, 2009. He did AWESOME!!! He was much faster than me and I was SO proud of him and happy I could be there to cheer him on!

at the Expo to pick up his race packet

Jackson is always willing to give us a laugh!

up bright and early! my sisters were amazing and offered to watch the kids for us while we were at the race. i know the boys would have enjoyed it in some ways but it was so nice to be able to watch without wondering if a child had wondered off! there were SO many people. seriously ridiculous! i didn't even see Anthony cross the finish line because there were so many people and it was hard to find him! i was really bummed about that but i loved being there to support him and he did such an AMAZING job!

he convinced Chris to join him in his madness and sign up for the race. i think Chris was really wishing he hadn't agreed but he was a trooper and finished his first (maybe his last) 1/2 marathon too!

Cody was such a good boy!!!

we ran into a friend from LU, Bethany Gadomski Walter! this was her first 1/2 marathon too! and imagine that in a crowd of over 16,000 runners!!!

had to get a picture of Woody the Cowboy! i can NOT imagine running a race in a costume much less in 80 degree weather! what in the world???

here he comes...mile 11 and looking GREAT!

Good job Chris! finished in 2:16:00

so proud of my man!

Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon - September 6, 2009
Finished in 1:51:00


Sheila said...

Hats off to the both of you for being so devoted to your running! Good Job Anthony!
Love, Mom

Katy said...

he ROCKED it! I'm so glad that he did it and enjoyed it so much!!! :) You did good with the pictures! :) and i'm with you - those crazy costumed runners, i don't know how they do it!

Linda Williams said...

I think Anthony on his next run needs to be a "Woody". Does he realize how that would totally thrill Harrison to death!

He did do a good job!

Mimi and Papa

Vonda said...

Oh my word...I haven't even commented on my very own brother doing his 1/2 marathon! Where have I been in the blogging world??? So proud of you and Anthony both that y'all are now able to run together! Anthony always makes this kinda stuff look so easy doesn't he?