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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

One of our favorite parts of Halloween is Anthony carving the pumpkins. The kids help a little but mostly they just want to pick out an elaborate picture and have him make them a pumpkin. They are always so proud of their daddy's handiwork! :)

Here are the boys pumpkins this year...

We always just trick or treat in our neighborhood. There are lots of options out there and our church even puts on a big event but it's so nice to just walk around with a few neighbors and not go anywhere. Our neighborhood is so friendly and we enjoying seeing all the kids we know from the pool or various events and catching up with their parents...even if it's a quick "hey, how are y'all doing?" It is such a blessing to have a nice neighborhood for our children to play!

looks like they are over pictures already and this is one of the first ones!

our friend Taylor

Taylor, Jackson, Donny, Addison, Aidan, Duncan, & Harrison

Aidan and Jackson

Our neighbors really went all out and dressed up. I hope it's not expected of us next year! Anthony is not really the dress up type! :)

Harrison, Donovan, & Jackson - Donny is such a good bud to Harrison!

How can you resist that face? I couldn't. She ate lollipops and chocolate non-stop. :)


Katy said...

so looks like you and anthony are the BORING neighbors - not dressed up or anything!!! :)

Linda Williams said...

I am so glad you have a neighborhood like you do. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time! I really am disappointed that Anthony may not want to dress up next year...Just look at the role models he has in his life to try to live up to...Todd and Christine's husband surely did a good job! (I especially liked Andrea's hair-do) Oh I almost forgot....I used to dress up like a witch when Anthony was little. I even made myself a fancy witch outfit, complete with hat....Hummm...Maybe that is why he does not want to dress up.

Mimi and Papa

PS His Daddy never dressed up either! What a party-pooper!