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Friday, October 23, 2009

a letter to a dear long lost friend

Dear Afternoon Nap,

Oh how I've missed you! It seems like not too long ago you used to come visit every day and now I rarely see you! Sometimes I long for you. Sometimes I wake up thinking about you and wishing I could see you already. You are such a dear friend to me! It's amazing how you make me feel!

Thanks for stopping in today. I loved our hour and a half together. It was just what I needed!

Don't stay away too long...



Katy said...

you are hilarious!!! i'm SO glad you got that good nap!! i was worried when i saw that you had posted - worried that it meant that you were up blogging INSTEAD of taking a GOOD for you!!!

Heather Marie said...

Beth - what kind of friend ARE you? I mean...I needed my friend so badly and you stole her away. How could you?

I, too, would long for her from the moment I wake up, but it seems I never sleep, so there is no awakening. She was such a dear friend to me and now I am all alone in the dark and light hours of the day, surrounded by well-rested small beings expecting me to hold it all together.

What in the world am I going to do without her?

You should give her back. It's the right thing to do...

with love,
heather marie

Janet said...

This friend that you speak of won't even come and visit me any more. She thinks I don't have time for her. Even on a Sunday afternoon this friend thinks my mind is else where. How can I convince her to visit me tomorrow?

Linda Williams said...

Just think, Girls......30 years from now you can do what your Mom-in-law does.......

This friend visits every day and if she does not, I am asleep by 8!


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