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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


tomorrow morning, bright and early, Anthony and I are leaving for Hawaii! i can hardly believe it's here. we've known about this trip since early spring so it is so hard to believe we are finally going!

it's an early 10 year Anniversary celebration! we figure 9 3/4 years is good enough and we had to use our tickets before the end of the year.

i know we are going to have an amazing time. it is going to be so wonderful to have this chance to reconnect and spend quality, uninterrupted time together. do we even know how that feels anymore? i'm not even sure! so many friends we know have reached this 10 year milestone and have celebrated in the last year. it's been fun to see how much they enjoyed it and i'm so glad it's our turn now!

Mimi and Papa are sacrificing a week of their life to stay with our kids here at our home. what a blessing this is! our kids will be in their own home and can keep up with some regular activities they are involved in WHILE having a BLAST with some very incredible grandparents! yes! we ARE all blessed!

i'm not worried about them a bit. Mimi and Papa are very capable and really do seem to love being with the kids on their own. i'm so thankful for that. i'm so thankful that they see the need for Anthony and I to have this time away.

i am going to miss the kids. but this is going to be good. no, it's going to be GREAT!!! AMAZING!!! INCREDIBLE!!!



Heather said...

YAY!! I'm so glad it's hitting you and you are so excited! I'll pray that you can get some sleep tonight:). Have a wonderful trip! And yes, what an incredible blessing that Mimi and Papa are willing to watch the kiddos!

Janet said...

Have a wonderful time! How could you not? We're talking Hawaii! Just make sure to tell Anthony to have you back on Monday for our weekly park date. :)

the wiedmaiers said...

We had a great time in Bermuda for our 10 year ~ have fun and enjoy one another. I have a funny sister story that is too long for your blog I will have to email you that. It is a great feeling to have family willing to watch your children especially knowing how much fun they will be having also.

Katy said...

it's going to be a great week for you guys....except that i won't be talking to you every day! :( maybe i'll get the kids for your 15 year anniversary trip!! can't WAIT to hear all about it (well, maybe not ALL the steamy details!) :)

Natalie said...

Sooooooo jealous!!! How fun for you guys! Have a great time!!!

The Blonde Renstroms said...

Hope you guys have an amazing time... Happy 10th anniversary!!!