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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Livingston girls come to Raleigh!

Once Ian got orders to Tampa, he had to go to OK for training with the USAF. He's still there. :( So, knowing Vonda and the girls would have so much alone time on their hands we invited them to Raleigh for two weeks...and they came! What a wonderful time we had!! We didn't get as many pictures as one might imagine...with us being Williams' and all...but it was kind of busy. just a little. :)

We had fun though and the boys are still talking about sweet memories they made with their cousins those two weeks. So thankful they aren't in Germany anymore!

Vonda is always so precious and tries to include Addison in on some of the matching! I love it!

Ella Rose is such a sweet girl and filled to the brim with excitement! She knows how to have a good time and LOVES her life! So fun to be around!

Harrison loved reading stories to the girls before bed.

everyone baking cupcakes

Addison had a ball with the girls in the house! She really had been so quiet but when the girls came, who talk extremely well for their ages (Carolina Grace seems months older than Addison because she spends so much time a big sister) Addison started to talking! It was very exciting to see her figure some of that out while they were here.

Mimi and Papa came in so that Mimi could make the drive 12hr drive back to FL with another adult in the car. We all were SO happy she could do that.

the boys wanted to hide and Mimi is great at playing along!

Mimi is all about group pictures, but they just never seem to turn out quite like she hopes they will! :) I wonder why?

Since Halloween was a day away, we let the kids get all dressed in their costumes for pictures and goofing off. They had a ball and we loved seeing them all dressed up!

Addison the Cat

Super Girl, Batman, & Robin

trying for another group shot...

Carolina Grace as Tigger

can't wait have them all visit again...and bring Ian too!


Janet said...

I'm gonna hold Anthony to the "dress up the family Halloween" next year. Our neighborhoods are so close -- you might find us slipping over to yours to see that he dressed up! :)

Vonda said...

We had such a great time visiting y'all! Thanks so much for having us and all the craziness that comes with having us! I know us Livingston girls can be a handful. Hee hee! And the dress up night was awesome! I so wished we lived closer to y'all so we could make more memories together. DAILY Ella Rose says, "I love Harrison...I love Jackson...I love Addison...I love Aunt Bethy...I love Uncle Anky!" Oh I just love it that she thinks the world of all of you!

Katy said...

you needed a full time photographer with you that whole time - your hands were full with kids, not taking pictures! :) my favorite picture is the one of mimi on the couch with all the kids trying for a group pic - hilarious!