Reflections of a Mom's Life

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Addison's first trip to the ER

We had an interesting turn of events as the party was ending. The birthday boy had to give up all the attention for another pressing matter. All the guests had left and we were going to turn in the tickets we had earned. you know, so the kids could buy some "junk". i had plopped Addison in her stroller but I had not buckled her in.

well, I'm guessing you know where I'm going with this. REALLY wish I had taken the 5 seconds to buckle her in. Donovan and Harrison were having an argument and I was busy lecturing and teaching, etc... I saw her stand up in her stroller out of the corner of my eye and as she was sitting back down she fell over the side of the stroller and landed on the back of her head...on the cement, tile floor. when I saw her laying there and the look she had on her face - there was something inside me said this is bad!!!

she had tears in her eyes but it was like she was stunned. she only cried a minute and then immediately became extremely exhausted and was floppy like a rag doll. Mimi and I were working hard to keep her awake as we were trying to get us out the door. I was still hoping she was going to snap out of it. Then on the car ride home she started vomiting. over and over and over again. I knew at that point she was not OK and that we needed to take her to the hospital. I don't usually handle those kind of situations well and I didn't this time. I pulled myself together after I got out of the driver seat but to say I was worried about our baby girl is kind of an understatement. I've already had a choking scare with her that practically left me passed out on my neighbor's lawn.

We took her to the ER and they started looking at her right away. After we were there for a while she finally started to come back into her own. They did a CT Scan on her to rule out any bleeding in the brain which all came back clear! Praise the Lord!!! While we were waiting for those results she started laughing and wanting to walk around the room. I was so happy to see her being more like herself. She had been acting SO strange.

They told us she had a mild concussion and that we would need to wake her every couple of hours through the night to make sure she was moving and breathing. Once we finally got in the car to come home my tears started to flow. I think I was just trying to remain calm and the gravity of what could have been was starting to set in.

We are SO thankful for God's protection over our sweet little Addison, for the SECOND time. You know, as careful and conscientious as you try to be with your children it's in times like these that I am reminded how in a split second something terrible can happen. A moments decision to make an exception when it comes to safety can be a near fatal or life changing and damaging consequence for your child. I need to be that much more careful and ever mindful of the hand of God over my family! Thank you for all who knew through FB or text, etc. Knowing you were praying meant so much to us. So glad our baby girl is as perfect as can be! :)


Vonda said...

Oh Beth, I am so glad Addison is okay. I was so worried when Mom told me the details the other night! Thank the Lord for His mighty protection over us! And I'm so thankful that my precious niece is doing great! I can't get over the fact she is looking so big!

Katy said...

i about died when i got your text that night. I'm just so thankful that the Lord protected her once again! These girls and their hard heads - I guess it came in handy this time! :)

Linda Williams said...

Well, this is one Mimi that will not soon forget that trauma! To all you young girls out there with a family....You do not know how hard it is for a Mimi to try and act like she is keeping her calm while the Mommy is falling apart....Beth, it was funny after it was all over but it was not funny while it was happening....(the trip to the hospital, your giving up the drivers seat, Ha)

Bridgette said...

oh beth. Emme pulled the same stunt at Addison's age as she jumped out of the shopping cart at Costco and landed on her head.....thank goodness that HE loves them even more than we do! Glad she's ok!;)

dandsratz said...

Oh Beth!!! This brought tears to my eyes!!! I'm SOOO thankful that she is alright!!! What a scare!! I'm still not over the scare you had with her choking....sigh. On a side note, I'm so tickled to see you blogging again!! I thought we had lost you!! :) Can you believe we're coming on our babies being 2!!!! AGH!! :) Love ya! :)