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Thursday, March 18, 2010

busy days ahead...

BUT, they are all for an incredible little, i mean getting WAY BIG boy i know and love...



he is turning 8 on Saturday. can hardly believe it. seems too old. every year seems like he's getting too old. i mean, 8! really? it hardly feels like it's been that long since this little boy changed our whole world for the better!

we have our last co-op meeting tomorrow morning, then we will go pick up Mimi and Papa from the airport, then we will hurry home so i can bake the cake. after a quick dinner, which i have no idea what it will be...probably KFC or something like that...we will head BACK to co-op for our Finale where all the families will come and see displays of what the kids have been working on all semester. the class i co-teach will be singing/performing two little songs. then we will stuff our faces with lots of junk food and sweets and head back home so i can decorate the cake. whew!

Saturday Jackson has a t-ball practice at 10am while Harrison has a basketball game at 10:30. we'll have to split. i'll go with Jackson and Anthony, Mimi & Papa will go see Harrison's game. we will rush home to get all the last minute details in order and then have Harrison's party at 2:30pm.

this year he wanted an ALL boy party (except for his sister of course). :) so, we are taking some little boys that we know and love to Adventure Landing!!! WOO HOO!!! they will all get to ride the go-carts, play a game of mini golf, use up all their tokens on fun games, and eat pizza AND cake!!! should be lots of fun! we've never done an out of the house party before (well, i guess we did the skating rink while in VA but that hardly counts when your parents own the rink and let you in for a REALLY good deal.) :) so, this won't happen often for any of our kids but we thought this was the perfect year to do something special for our BIG boy!!!!

Sunday, i sing on the worship team which i realized last night. oops. guess i should write a few more things down. so it will be a full day too! we have birthday dinner celebration planned. Mimi has asked Harrison for his favorite dinner and plans to make him a cookie cake.

i'm sure there will be no less than 500 pictures of this weekend. we most definitely won't forget one single thing. Mimi is such a good record keeper. :)

hope y'all have fun weekends planned too!


Heather said...

don't forget our four mile run saturday morning:)!!

Sheila said...

Thank you sooooooo much for blogging again. I love hearing your thoughts and seeing the pics. Make sure you capture Harrison's Big Boy Birthday Party this weekend! Love you guys!!!!

Linda Williams said...

And Papa and Mimi can hardly wait!

Jen said...

Wish we could be there although I guess we wouldn't be allowed to come since we're all girls!!!!!j/k Tell the big boy Happy Birthday from us!

Janet said...

So wonderful seeing Papa and Mimi at the finale last night! Hope you all are having a wonderful day celebrating Harrison!