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Monday, March 22, 2010

the race track birthday cake

Harrison had BIG plans for the cake this year. BIG plans for ME! I haven't made birthday cakes for the past few years. I've "slacked" and let the kids pick one from the store that they wanted. Nothing wrong with that, right! :) He really wanted me to make one this year and I was in the mood so that helped.

He finally decided he wanted a race track cake. He's very into cars these days. Wants to know the make and model of each car he sees driving around town and has been taping the Nascar races on Sunday's. He's decided he's a Jimmie Johnson fan (I think because he's been winning lately). Anyway, a race track cake is what he wanted so I enlisted my neighbor Andrea, who always makes her kids cakes, to help me make this cake!

Andrea helped me come up with a plan and a design and I spent the afternoon baking 4 cakes so they would be cooled and ready for assembly after the Co-Op finale. Yes, if you're thinking that is a LOT of cake you are RIGHT! We were going for a look here and we went all out. There was more than enough cake for everyone. :)

here I am getting ready to work with fondant for the first time. it wasn't as scary as i thought it would be

had to turn it BLACK for the track

he choose blue for the icing color and i think it was a wise choice.

he was hilarious. so very proud and stayed right with us to the very end. we started at 9pm and finished up around 11:30pm. now that is a good friend who will stay up so late to help you make your son's birthday cake!

almost finished. we used fondant for the track and the rope border, cars and lego flags, and tinted coconut green for the grass in the middle of the track.

had to take a ton of pictures! don't ever want to forget this cake! it was so much fun and I am very proud of how it turned out!


Vonda said...

Girl you SHOULD be proud of the way it turned out! That's beautiful and I know Harrison must have been so tickled to have a cake that looked that good!!!

Katy said...

it really turned out so incredibly well! i love that it was the perfect theme for the is andrea willing to travel? or at least now you're an expert too right? :)

Janet said...

This cake is AMAZING!! You will always love looking back at these pictures and remembering the love and care you put into these b-days.