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Monday, March 22, 2010

a full birthday morning

On Saturday, Harrison's Birthday, we had a full day ahead of us. I ran in the morning and then took Jackson to his T-Ball practice. Harrison, Anthony, Mimi & Papa went to Harrison's Basketball game and then took Harrison to open his first savings account. That was his present from Mimi & Papa and he was very excited to start by saving his birthday money! :) After we all got home and changed we had a little time before the party. Addison took a short nap that was interrupted by a sympathetic birthday boy who decided her whimpering meant he should go in an get her up. I was not thrilled. I knew it would make for a cranky girl at the party. Oh well.

Harrison opened his present from us and then we loaded up the cake to get on our way for some birthday fun!

Addison wore her "party" clothes

love seeing this little boy finally have the chance to play t-ball. he's been a patient and faithful observer while his brother has played the last 3 years! he is SO excited it is finally his turn!

our little beauty!

me and my girl

Harrison was excited that Mimi and Papa were finally able to make it to one of his basketball games!

opening his saving's account

Jackson wanted to show us his skills on his bike

showing off her pretty painted toenails

Mimi and Papa gave Harrison a new chapter book - The Sugar Creek Gang!

the anticipated DS! he was SO excited and we were thrilled to get it for him. such a BIG boy present for sure!

does this little guy look like he's ready for cake???

don't trip! can you imagine! :)


Vonda said...

Oh I LOVE ADDISON'S outfit! Oh my goodness...absolutely precious!!! Wow y'all had a big day of activities! Basketball-t-ball-and a birthday party!!! So glad Mimi and Papa could be there to enjoy it all! No I'm not bitter one bit that we couldn't be there doggone it!!!

Katy said...

oh - addison's party outfit is perfect! I wish i had one for callie to wear on her birthday! and the pix of harrison & mimi -they are two peas in a pod aren't they! :)

Janet said...

Without a question, Addison is adorable, BUT look at those cute boys in their uniforms. Jackson looks so much older - I can't believe he is even old enough, now, to play such sports. very cute!