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Monday, March 15, 2010

loving our kids on purpose

i really can't say enough WONDERFUL things about this book. after reading it, we've realized we have always wanted to parent this way but just did not know HOW to make it happen. he really shows you how. WOW. it's been eye opening. we can truly shower our children with love while setting firm limits AND keep the FIGHT out of it. completely. firm limits, without the fight???? really??? i think i thought i was supposed to learn how to survive the fight and come out of it the winner. and it doesn't have to be like that at all!

practical, lots of good tips that WORK, and focuses on the CONNECTION with our children. his explanation and approach to parenting is something we had never heard before when it comes to "how to get my kids to obey and not go insane in the process." :) we are excited about the future with our children! i think for the first time ever, i'm not afraid for my children to grow up to be teenagers. i actually think we'll be OK! :)

check it out, i just know you won't regret it!


Courtney said...

putting it in my amazon cart NOW!
thanks for sharing! i'm terrified of the teenage years!

Heather said...

SO thankful we are doing it! One day at a time:)

Bridgette said...

Hmmm, I'll def be checking this out for my upcoming vacay! Thanks for the recommend.

Jen said...

That sounds like a great book - although I am scared about raising 3 teenage girls - more for the drama than anything else! Bring it on vacation in June - we should all read it and have a mini book club while we're there. I'm sure we'll have lots of peace and quiet to talk!!!!!!

Vonda said...

Can't wait to see the DVD's! Thank you for sharing what you're learning! Parenting is the hardest job ever but I know God will give us the GRACE to continue victoriously! You and Anthony are doing a great job! Love ya!