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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

go carts, mini golf, & meltdowns

After our pizza and cake, we split up. Some of the kids played laser tag and the others rode go-carts. The party took a lot longer than I anticipated. It was tough to get it all in. A couple of the boys had to leave early and didn't get to do the mini-golf with us but we gave them their tickets so they can come back with their family some other time.

We really were having a blast!!! Some very fun memories were made!

Anthony & Justin

Papa & Jackson

look at that little hand! i just LOVE it!

Anthony & Harrison

Papa & Donovan

our birthday boy having the time of his life! :)

a tired little girl

ready for mini-golf

so much fun can lead to an exhausted big, i mean little boy.

yes, we're all melting down.

see, another bites the dust!

little J is still happy as can be, he knows how to have a good time! :)

wait a minute, she's back...

WOW, what a fun party we had! We loved celebrating our boy. We love you Harrison and we are SO proud of the young man you are becoming.


Vonda said...

Oh that makes me want to ride a go cart! Oh my goodness...Harrison is looking so big too...what is happening to my nephews and niece up in NC??? THEY ARE ALL GROWING too fast! Jackson looks like he's having the time of his life and I love the pictures of Papa riding the go-carts with the's hard to believe he'll be 66 this year. Papa looks like he's having a blast too!!! Ella Rose must have said a dozen times on Saturday, "I wanna go to Harrison's party!" Bless her heart...she doesn't realize how far we live from y'all!!! Wish we lived closer!!!

Katy said...

so is it bad that my favorite pictures are the meltdown pictures? talk about REALITY!! the picture of harrison and anthony in the go-cart is so great too - i know that the BIG boys had a good time chaperoning this fun party! :)

Linda Williams said...

I'm with Katy.....if you did not have a few melt-downs we would not be normal, would we....Except that to Moms and Dads, we're about as normal as we can stand, right? Ha!

Mimi and Papa

Janet said...

What an awesome party for Harrison! And I just LOVE how you keep it real too! :)