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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Harrison's 8 year old Birthday Party at Adventure Landing

We decided to let Harrison have an "away from home" birthday party this year. He chose Adventure Landing which is a fun go cart, mini golf, arcade game place not too far from us. It was a huge treat and it will be a birthday we won't forget! It was fun to celebrate with his friends and to do something extra special for our big boy!

i didn't buy this shirt, we've had it and i believe it was handed down from Grant. but it was perfect! fun that he was wearing an 8!

i love these two pictures. Jackson is ALWAYS so excited and happy for his brother. he loves Harrison SO much!

a tired baby girl!

losing it. a little cake helped perk her up a bit. :)


Vonda said... glad you've posted the BIRTHDAY PICTURES!!! Love the sweet pix of Jackson looking at Harrison...priceless!!! And girl that CAKE IS professional!!! It looks fabulous and I bet it tasted good too! I can't believe our little Harrison is 8!!! So many sweet memories with him over the years and I just love that little boy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY proud of you!!!

Katy said...

i'm with you - i love the pictures of jackson looking adoringly at harrison. they are so cute!!! and how perfect that harrison had an "8" shirt to wear for the day!! oh - and great picture of YOU with Harrison!!!

Linda Williams said...

Didn't we have a wonderful day!.....even if Mimi was paranoid about losing a boy!

Yes, Vonda is right.....there are so many wonderful memories surrounding that little boy! I remember another heart-wrenching birthday party at the rink....except it was HIM that got hurt! Remember.....

Lo ve,

Judy said...

Love the birthday cake. We're probably going to have something similar this year. A Wii game was all it took for Christian to become obsessed with Lightning McQueen! What a fun party you guys had!