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Monday, March 15, 2010

Pirate's and Princesses and a full Saturday

Taylor, our sweet friend from across the street, turned 4 on Saturday and we had a celebration! The theme was Pirates and Princesses and we had the most wonderful time! Here are my favorite pix from the day!

me and my princess...she didn't wear her dress long but it was cute while it lasted!

doesn't he look like such a nice pirate. :)


liking the cupcake flag. gotta get every bit of icing as possible.

Happy Birthday Taylor!

"mama, please stop asking me to say cheese!!!"

i love cupcakes!

my little pirates!

we ended our fun packed day with Wii (Batman Lego) and then we headed over to the Hilemans for loads of fun. we probably should call it Camp Hileman or something even better than that but i'm not really that great at coming up with fun names for things. :) we are taking a parenting class right now on the FABULOUS book i told you about and all the kids go to Camp Hileman where they have SO MUCH FUN they don't ever want to come home.

Laura, if you are reading this, i sure hope you've taking a few pictures. actually, you are probably too busy for that. :) but i'm sure there would be lots of fun pictures to be taken!

can you say FULL saturday??? and there was a basketball game for Harrison that morning too. :) we know how to pack in the fun!


Janet said...

What a wonderful party!! Love sweet neighbors especially for the kids!

Our one neighbor works the night shift in his home office, that overlooks our cul de sac, and he always says he is watching over our home as we sleep. So comforting! That picture reminds me of the Lord and His care for us.

Sweet neighborhood memories right there.

Its So Very Cheri said...

Oh how fun. I LOVED the baby doll post--she is so adorable. Gabby loves her babies too. We got her one for Christmas and it moves like a real baby--even like it is breathy and falling asleep, If you put the pacifier up to its mouth it starts smacking its lips and sucking...

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Linda Williams said...

Now, that is 2 pirates that I would not mind kidnapping my ship! Best looking pirates I have ever seen! Love those little fellas!