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Thursday, March 25, 2010

"hey mom! look what i can do!?!"

yesterday we met for our weekly Spanish class. i have been telling my friend Heather that i need to bring the boys bikes one day because they have a nice FLAT court and that's non-existent in our neighborhood. she's also been able to help a few kids we know learn to ride bikes without training wheels so i was hoping she could give the boys some pointers! i had tried to teach Harrison once before but the hills around our house didn't help too much.

while Heather was giving Jackson a quick lesson in balance and explaining that if you "just keep peddling you won't fall off" Harrison decided to pick up his bike and try it out.

He did it!

First try! I was so proud I just kept snapping pictures! :) She gave him some pointers on how to start, which is the hardest part, and he figured it out very quickly.

Jackson is not far behind him. He totally did it. He just needs to work on his confidence. After he earned his fruit snacks for going 10 peddles in a row TWO times, he decided he wanted his training wheels back on. :) less work, you know. but it won't be long...

here is Jackson getting his lesson

well, off he goes!

high five!

my BIG BOY!!!

check out those flip flops she found from the garage! :)

see, they BOTH were riding for a little bit there. :)

He's been riding his bike ALL day. decided that he does like our neighborhood hills now that he can ride. he told me "i like feeling the breeze in my face." what a cute boy! now i guess we'll be needing to get him a bigger bike soon. he's about out grown this one but i didn't want to get him a new one until he had those training wheels OFF!!

WOO HOO Harrison!!! We are SO proud of you! This is big boy stuff!


Janet said...

Yeah Harrison and Jackson!! And congratulations to Heather too! Such a milestone in their lives and something you just never forget! I still remember wondering who was beaming more -- our kids or their Daddy. Such a big moment in a kid's life! Awesome!

Katy said...

hooray for the boys! i knew that harrison would be just like josiah - it was a confidence thing....he had to be READY to take that chance - hooray!!! now for a fun spring and summer outside on bikes!!! keep those helmets on boys....and did i not know you went over there every week for spanish?!?!?!

Linda Williams said...

Yeah! Papa and Mimi are so tickled for Harrison and Jackson! He will have a wonderful time speeding all over the place....probably will experience a few wipe-outs along the way but they will be worth all the fun!

Mimi and Papa

Vonda said...

YEAH HARRISON!!! Ella Rose and I just looked at the pictures of you and Jackson riding your bikes and Ella Rose was so excited to see y'all! So proud of y'all!!! Riding without training wheels is a BIG DEAL!!!

Stacy said...

Good job, Harrison!! We have extra bikes so we will have to go bike riding with the kids when you're in town! Tyler learned how to ride a few years ago and Joshua learned last summer. Although there was no teaching with Joshua...he just got on it and took off. Thanks for sharing such a great moment, Beth!

Sheila said...

Wow! So glad to see Harrison riding without training wheels. I bet Jackson will follow soon and Addison is adorable in Flip Flops even if they are too big... She definitely has a thing for shoes:)
Love you....