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Sunday, March 14, 2010

i miss blogging

you know you feel when your laundry gets WAY out of control and you hardly want to begin because you know it's such a big job and it's going to take FOREVER???

that's how i'm feeling about my blog. i have all these dreams of making blog books (which i need to at least attempt to start). i am not into scrapbooking. i love how it looks and even tried it a few times. spent lots of money on "stuff" too. yep, got behind on that. come to think of it, i'm behind on a lot of things i started once.

i'm sensing a theme. hmmmm......

anyway, this is how i've been journaling our fun and not so fun stuff in our family for a while now and when i don't do it i get so upset at myself. there will come a day when i will CHERISH these little posts and be SO glad i kept track of at least a few things. some is better than none, right? :) come on...i need some encouragement!

well, i guess i'll just start from here. maybe i can squeeze those posts in that i haven't finished from Christmas and New Years eventually. i really shouldn't make any promises.

starting...once again.


Heather Marie said...

I can TOTALLY relate, except I haven't even started the blog yet and I feel totally behind on it! HELP!!!! Where do I even START??? :-)

- Heather Marie

Heather said...

YAY! i'm glad i mentioned it to you the other night while we were folding laundry- i was hoping you would start again:). start with the cd of christmas pics of glitter stockings. you can do it...just like our running:)

J.D. said...

i miss you blogging because i feel we have lost touch without being able to keep up with the going ons of your family. please restart the posts!

Bridgette said...


Although I would never call you stupid because that's a curse word in our house!:):)
......just do some highlight posts! You don't have to blog EVERYTHING. Just "good enough." Frankly, I think one of the cutest things on your blog is the quotes of the kids on the sidebar!:) Those are the things you will love to remember. Love ya, B~

the wiedmaiers said...

in case you are wondering (yes i am up LATE tagging for the consignment sale and logged on for "one more email check") jd was signed in on the computer instead of me... morgan loves her dolls also. i have several things to catch up on but they will have to wait until after the sale this coming week.

Stacy said...

i've missed you and your blog posts! Keep em coming...I have to remind myself often (i'm currently making photo books for my kids) that they will one day cherish these things and i need to just take a little time each day and just do a little.

can't wait to read what the williams' have been up to!!

love you!

Courtney said...


Vonda said...

I always look forward to seeing what y'all are up to even though we talk all the time! But I too Beth have such a hard time catching up and then I get behind and feel so frustrated about it all! But we can do it RIGHT???