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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ocean Breeze - Baylee and Savannah's party

this past weekend (July 25th) we celebrated our nieces birthday's at Ocean Breeze Waterpark in VA Beach, VA. it's the third year that they've done this and we love it! it truly is a fun party! Baylee turned 4 on the 26th and Savannah will be 2 on August 15th.

the party was a Pinkalicious theme so my mom made hair bows and bought the girls matching cutie patootie PINK swimsuits. now, EVERYONE who's been at the pool with us this summer KNOWS Addison does NOT need anymore swimsuits. this girl has SO many adorable suits thanks to Grace and her hand-me-downs. however, it sure was fun to get another one to dress her up in that matched her cousins! :)

mommy and her girl!

Savannah - the Birthday girl!

Baylee - the other Birthday girl!

Emma and Savannah

Grant, Savannah, & Emma

Baylee and her friend Ali

I didn't take very many pictures this year, as you can see. I think because we were SO busy keeping up with the kids at the water park and also because I dropped my camera in the water at Ocean Breeze a couple of years ago so I tend to be a little more timid in my picture taking at places like that! :) We sure had a blast! They boys were ALL over that park! It was SO special to be there and celebrate our sweet little nieces!


Vonda said...

I know what you mean about taking your camera to the water park. It is NOT easy with trying to keep up with children! Oh the matching bathing suits and bows are absolutey precious! Oh my word...aren't girls SO MUCH FUN!!! Happy Birthday Baylee and Savannah! I know y'all enjoyed every minute of the celebration!!!

Katy said...

i LOVE the idea of the matching bathing suits and the hairbows - how fun is that! (And i love that you had your pink suit to match too! But where was your hairbow?)

Sheila said...

Oh Beth........... I am soooo sorry I didn't make you a Hairbow too! Maybe I can make "Matching Bows" for you and little miss Katy;) Thanx for taking the pictures of the girls before you put your camera away to chase the children....
Love, mom