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Thursday, July 30, 2009

we love when they come to town

here are some more pictures of the fun we had while Mimi and Papa were in town for Harrison's baptism. we LOVE when they come to town! :) we can hardly get enough of them...thankfully they are willing and want to come often!

a yummy dinner...i decided to cook for them. so often they take us out and i realized that it had been such a long time since i had actually cooked them a meal.

playing the piano

i love that smile!

Harrison was helping me get everything ready to make the homemade ice cream. Jackson had gone with Papa and Daddy to Starbucks. Harrison was SO sweet to Addison and let her "help" him. He's such a fabulous big brother!

we headed to the pool that afternoon

poor Addison wasn't feeling well (we didn't know about her bladder infection and urinary tract infection at this time.) she would have NOTHING to do with the pool. she took a rest in my arms, never slept, just lay there looking pitiful. :(

perking up for a minute...

she enjoyed the cookies and cream ice cream!

that night Anthony and I went on a date to a yummy mexican restaurant. while we were away, Mimi played with Addison in her room and took pictures of her playing with her little kitchen that they gave her for her first Christmas. I need to add another piece for her first birthday present but i haven't gotten around to picking it out.

i love this picture! hilarious!

what a sweet our little Addison is!

Mimi with her fans! :)


Vonda said...

Oh I LOVE THESE PICTURES! Okay I'm not kidding...the pictures of Addison helping Harrison looks just like the pictures of Harrison when he was that age. I feel like I'm seeing double. That is amazing how much they look alike. How sweet of Harrison to let his little Sister help him out. Precious! And I know Mimi and Papa always have such a great time visiting y'all. Aren't they just the most fun! And yummy ice cream...the boys thoroughly look like they enjoyed that!

Katy said...

i love all those pictures of harrison with addison - what a good big brother!

Sheila said...

Mimi and Papa sure are ALOT of fun! Love, Love, Love the pics! Especially the ones of Addison in her room with her kitchen appliances.... so CUTE!
Love, Mom