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Friday, July 31, 2009

out with the ladies

Beth, Janet, Grace, Christi, & Amy

Janet, Grace, & Beth

while we were in VA, i got to go out one night with my sisters and a couple of Grace's friends. the restaurant we went to was in Norfolk and it was DELICIOUS!!! OH MY WORD! Luna Maya is a MUST for all you VA peeps! a little higher end, local Mexican place and it seriously was one of the best burritos i've ever had in my life! seriously. i don't joke about food. :) and their guacamole IS the best i've ever had. seriously. i think Anthony was a little bummed not to be going but i'll make sure to take him next time we're in town. i brought him back some guacamole and chips and he was very grateful! :)

it was fun to get out "just the girls". we don't get to do that very often and we just had the best time chatting, laughing, eating, and just enjoying each other! we didn't even leave the house until 7:30pm. such a change of pace for me! it was a lot of fun! i love my sisters and i'm so thankful for them!


Vonda said...

Oh Beth, the pix of you and your Sisters is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! You should have that blown up to a 10x13 for your Mama and Daddy for Christmas! Y'all are each so beautiful and I know you must be so thankful for Janet and Grace!
So glad you had fun enjoying some great food and a great night out.

Katy said...

what a great time i'm sure! did janet feel left out that she was the only NON-blonde??? :)

Heather J said...

What great pics of some good lookin mamas! Oh and Luna Maya is one of my FAVORITE places ever - but I think they would be devastated to hear you call their food Mexican - I think it's Brazilian or portugese!! Their food is AMAZING!!!!

Sheila said...

I LOVE the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in total agreement that you ladies sure were some good lookin mamas.... I also think Vonda had a great idea about you enlarging that one picture of the three of you for your mother for Christmas... I talked to her this morning and she said that was a GREAT idea! Thanx V! And please tell Katy that when you're a Red Head you NEVER wish you were a Blonde! Ha! But then again a brunette wouldn't know that... He-He!
Love, Mom