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Monday, July 20, 2009

Log Cabin in the woods

After we left David & Katy's on Sunday July 12th, we headed to "The Forest". Brosnan Forest is a property owned by Norfolk Southern. It has cabins, fishing, skeet shooting, hunting, golf, a pool, outdoors man's dream! Anthony used to come here as a child when his dad worked for Norfolk Southern but hasn't been back in over 20 years. It brought back fond memories for him to be able to bring his boys here to play! We were invited here by my sister Grace and her husband's side of the family. Mr. Mullen works for NS and was able to rent the lodge for the week. It was 12 bedroom, each with their own bathroom, a kitchen, beautiful living room, game room, fire pit, porches with rocking chairs galore...who could say NO to that??? :) It was such a wonderful time!

Brosnan Forest - Dorchester, SC

Is this lodge GEORGEOUS or WHAT!!!

the place was absolutely beautiful and SO spacious!

I took bike rides with Addison each night. Jackson hasn't mastered a two wheeler yet so he decided he wanted Daddy to take him for a ride! I bet that was TOUGH! he's a big guy! :)

my sweet angel!

Savannah Grace

Baylee and Jackson

look at that face! she's a sweetie!

two of my handsome men!

here's my other handsome guy!

Jackson, Harrison, & Austin

Harrison's first fish of the week! First time he threw out his line, he caught one! He was hooked after that! :)

Uncle Tom & Harrison

he was SO happy! so proud of my boy! :)

showing the rest of the kids!

Mr. Mullen cleaned it and cut it up, along with a catfish they had caught. Mrs. Mullen cooked it up and it was surprisingly yummy!

dinner time

Addison started feeling a little under the weather while we were there. she was happy to take a nap in her Aunt Grace's arms! :)

Baylee and Jackson and I went on a little adventure one afternoon while the babies were taking naps. We drove all over in the golf cart and took pictures. They were SO cute! Talking about their "adbenture"! :)

i could just eat him up! i love this little man!

an afternoon fishing

Jackson & Mrs. Mullen

the last day we were there, Austin, Tom, & Harrison left at 6am and tried another Lake. they hit the jackpot! the brought home 10 but threw about 10 back they said. Harrison caught the largest catfish! looks like i may have a little fisherman on my hands! :) doesn't Austin look SO HANDSOME!!! i can't believe how big my nephew is getting!

the tired fisherman!

so excited to share in the excitment of the big catch with his big brother!

Stephanie, Tom's sister, fixed a delicious breakfast many of the days we were there! that night we headed to Charleston for a little sightseeing and a yummy dinner before i headed back with the kids! WOW!!! what a wonderful time we had. i know we won't forget it! :)


Katy said...

wow - what a GORGEOUS place!!!! i'm glad you and the family were able to go and spend a few days away - just AWAY from everything!!! how funny for anthony to see it all relived through his kids eyes - the same memories that he had!! And the FISH that harrison caught - how fab is that! Did he like eating it??

Vonda said...

Oh wow we never stayed in a place that was that fancy. Oh that lodge is something else! Yep, I think we're gonna have to talk Papa into going there in the next 3-5 years. ;)

I love the pictures of Harrison catching his fish, and the ones of Jackson and Baylee are precious! They look like they are just having a ball! And Grace's girls look so much like her (beautiful of course)...WOW!

So glad y'all had such a great time on your mini vacation!

Courtney said...

that place looks AMAZING! unreal! wow!!

Sheila said...

That looks like such a FUN time and a GREAT place for a vacation! I tried to pick a favorite pic and I couldn't! Pictures of Addison always bring a smile to my face, Savanah too! The ones of Austin and the boys fishing were priceless and Baylee with Little J was sweet as it could be... that settles it... I like them ALL! Anthony with out his shirt on... now maybe that is the one I should pick as my number one pic... Sorry the kiddos always win :0)