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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cow Appreciation Day

We enjoyed our FREE combos from Chick-Fil-A this year! We dressed up for both lunch AND dinner to make the most of this fun day! We missed last year so I made sure not to miss out this time. :) Here's some pictures of my little "cow" kids.

We had lunch with the Martins after we worked out at the YMCA.

for dinner, we met our neighbors. Mike was a good sport and wore the cow costume Kristine found for $2 a few years ago. who knew that costume would get him free food once a year! :)

we were able to wear some of the cow print costume stuff that Mimi made for last Halloween. see Addison in her cutie patootie little vest! :)

here's Mike! the funny thing was there was another guy eating his dinner wearing the SAME costume. it was hilarious!

my little "cow" girl!

say "MOO"


Heather said...

we're comin' next year! MOO!!

Katy said...

how is it possible that i've never seen that little high chair cover thing that you have for addison? maybe because we're never at restaurants together but always in each other's kitchens? anyways, i love it! and am SO proud of you for making the MOST of getting your free food! (i'm STILL bummed we only made it for one meal...)

Vonda said...

I believe you have the 3 cutest cows I have ever seen! How precious! And you'll have to tell your neighbor Ian saw him in his costume and I asked him if he would wear that if I got one for him and he said, "you betcha...if it meant a free Chick-Fil-A." I mean people will do anything for a a free chick-fil-a sandwich. ;) And just to think...y'all did it TWICE in one day! Now that's eating on a budget girl!