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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

****UPDATED**** Harrison's Baptism - Sunday, July 19, 2009 - Falls Lake


Once a year our church has a Lake Baptism. Harrison has been talking about getting baptized, remember?, so he was definitely ready. We went back and forth about doing the Lake or waiting until August and do it at the church. Anthony felt strongly that the Lake would be more memorable for Harrison and I believe he was right. The night was amazing and I'm sure Harrison will never forget it. I know I will never forget it either! It was a precious time spent with our sweet boy, our family, and our amazing church family!

We got there early so the kids could play in the water and we could enjoy some fried chicken and biscuits before the service started. Mimi and Papa were with us which was SO GREAT! The kids had a blast playing with their friends!

Right before the service, we all gathered together with those who were getting baptized, around 30, so Pastor Horner could pray over them. One other thing that was special is that Harrison had friends getting baptized with him too. It was wonderful to see them so supportive of each other and excited for each other too!

Harrison's friend Joshua

Harrison's friend Cailey

Harrison's friend Noah

one of Harrison's Sunday School teachers has been SO supportive of him! As soon as he told her he wanted to be baptized, she was thrilled and made sure he knew that she would be out there in the lake to take pictures. and she did. got right out there and took pictures of him! i can't wait to get hers! :) what a blessing to have such a loving, supportive Sunday School teacher!!

Addison's been teething and QUITE cranky! she did well though. she enjoyed being outside and allowed Mimi and Papa to hold her which was a blessing for mommy!

poor Jackson, he is always showing off his bum. I can't keep it from happening. Every pair of pants/shorts he owns.

i love that little foot!

wow! this boys is looking SO old! we love him so much and we're SO proud of him!

Anthony heading out to get in position to video!

waiting in line

getting his name checked off.

they called his name and said "please welcome Harrison Williams!" and then everyone would cheer. he was beaming!

Pastor David Horner baptized Harrison...

my only disappointment with the whole evening was that a man stepped right in front of me as Harrison was going under. :( i didn't get the shot, nor did i get to see it. Mimi will send the video so thankfully i'll get to eventually. i'm waiting on pictures from his Sunday school teacher who is in the green shirt so I know she got it. also another friend got the pictures but we haven't been able to get big enough files for me to use to blog. hopefully soon....i'll re post right here and let you know when i've updated.


Buried with Christ in Baptism....

Raised to walk in newness of life!

now he's up!

he was SO excited!

giving a high five to Pastor Matt, the Children's Pastor

the proud parents!

I can't even describe hardly how incredible it was! the whole experience. for him and for us. to see your first born baptized. to be able to share it with so many wonderful people. i'll never forget it! we love you Harrison and we are so proud of your decision to follow Christ!

Beth (see my wet pants...i was in the Lake :)), Janet, & Heather

afterwards, the kids played in the water for a long time. no real pictures of Harrison because he was so far out.

see, there it is again. good grief!

she loves her Papa! :)

have I said how amazing the evening was???? it truly was! i hope Jackson and Addison can do it too in a few years! what wonderful memories were made!


Rachel said...

Hey Beth! I love all the pictures, especially the one of your whole family standing in the sand together! I wished afterwards that I had gotten a pic of Noah and Harrison and I see that you did! They both look so big! I too had technical problems, I took a video with my camera right in front of Noah as he was being baptized and it didn't work. :( So the pics I have of Noah going under are from my friend's camera. Why is it always life's biggest moments when these things happen!? Anyway, it was such a special day! Congratulations Harrison! :)

Katy said...

love love love the pictures! your family picture is adorable too! there's one picture early on in the post of papa holding addison and she looks ALOT like jackson! surprised me!

Courtney said...

i'm definitely all teared up here...that is so cool! i love that he got to do it in a lake...VERY memorable!

Sherri said...

Love all YOUR pictures. What an exciting and memorable day for your family. Best milestone ever!

Janet said...

Beautiful pictures! Glad we could be there! Praying Harrison always grows in the Grace and Knowledge of His Lord and Savior. What a shining light!

Katy said...

hooray- glad you were able to get those few extra pictures and recreate the WHOLE thing for us!

Vonda said...

Oh Beth, I am getting choked up just looking at our little man and all these great pictures of Harrison's baptism. I remember when he was dedicated as a baby at Atlantic Shores and I remember crying then and praying that he would come to know the Lord at a young age.

God is so good that He has drawn Harrison to Himself and that he will never know a day without Jesus since he has come to know Him at such a young age. I am so proud of him. He looks so big and so proud!

And the pics of Jackson showing his little bum are precious too! What a cutie! And I love the pics of Addison with Papa...her hair looks so much lighter in those first few pictures.

The family pix is also GREAT! Y'all just look great all you Williams'.

Jen said...

Very cool and very special, he'll remember that forever. Wish we could have been there for it.

Linda Williams said...

I am so glad Papa and I could be there! The first of five!

Mimi and Papa

Sheila said...

Wow! That was an amazing experience for your entire family! I absolutely LOVE all the pictures. It makes us feel like we are right there experiencing such a memorable moment with you!!!! I cannot think of anything better than seeing your grandchildren obeying God's Word!!! Good Job, Harrison, Mamaw is sooooooo proud of you!
P.S. That sure was a great shot of Jackson from behind:)
Love, Mom