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Thursday, July 23, 2009

10 days

Addison has had a fever for 10 days. we saw the Dr. last Friday but she checked out fine...other than the fever of course. she's teething (working on 6) so we were hoping that was it, but the fever has remained and been a bit too high for teething.

back to the Dr. this afternoon with 103.5 fever. checked out "fine" again. they decided to catheterize her. THAT was awful for both Addison and mommy! :(

she has a bladder infection. so sad. hopefully now that we know and she's on medication, she will start feeling better.

they will set her up for and ultrasound of her bladder and kidneys and a few other tests in the next week or so because she's so young.

praying she'll check out fine and that she'll be feeling better soon. poor little thing has been at my feet or on my lap for an entire week. QUITE a lot of tears from her too. hoping my little spunky, smiley, happy baby will be feeling more life herself soon!


Katy said...

i'm just relieved that they finally were able to pinpoint where the fever was coming from yesterday. glad you got in before your trip this weekend...hated that it was at the end of a day...when anthony was out of town no less. hopefully today is better - i'll be curious if you feel like you see any change as early as today. poor baby!

Jen said...

Poor little pumpkin. Tell her Anna knows how she feels. I'm so glad they finally figured something out. We'll pray everything will check out perfectly.

Megan Penner said...

Poor puddin'! I'm so sorry to hear this!!! Give her kisses from Aunt Megan. I'm praying for her and you today. :(

Stephens Family News said...

Poor little sweetheart!! We'll be praying for her! Hope she feels better soon!!

Bridgette said...

I hope she feels better soon, poor girl!!:(

Linda Williams said...

I could not believe it....a bladder infection! What we women have to put up with and she is starting much too soon!

Surely hope she bounces back REAL SOON!

Mimi and Papa