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Sunday, July 19, 2009

our first sleep over

we tried to get a picture of the boys right after church. Josiah had already run in and change his clothes before we even got in the door! :) he likes to be comfortable RIGHT away! :) i love how his leg is kicked up and Harrison is holding a weapon. that is how the boys were most of the time we were there. i remember a moment when Anthony said "give Jackson the knife back." doesn't that sound a bit strange? :)

Callie went straight to bed and Addison wasn't far behind her! church can tire a girl out! :)

me and Katy. can't believe she'll be having baby Caleb any time now!

Katy & David in their new kitchen! their house is BEAUTIFUL!!! we are SO excited for them. what a blessing it was to come and see where they live. they were such wonderful hosts!

we spent some time at the pool on Sunday afternoon. i must have just been having too much fun catching up on Saturday b/c I didn't take ONE picture!

Daddy and his girl!

Callie is such a confident little swimmer!



Callie also like riding in Addison's little boat


Harrison & Jacob checking out a dragon fly


Callie plopped her self right in the middle of the boys. she was ready to take off with us! :)

we had SUCH a fun time visiting with the Schrodt family! while it was short and i'm looking forward to another trip, it was so great to see them. i've missed Katy lately, and while we talk on the phone often and try and stay in denial about the fact that we don't live in the same city anymore...i needed to SEE her. it was nice to stand in her kitchen and chat about everything under the sun. it was good for my heart!

i announced that it was our FIRST sleepover at their house and she seemed shocked. :) they have come to see us often but when we were in VA we would always stay with family. i was so excited to spend the night. i'm like a little girl, aren't i! :)

Anthony and i LOVED being able to go to church. we went to both services so we could get the full experience of seeing David lead worship at their new church. it was so wonderful to hear his voice again! he sure can made me miss singing with them!! :) he did a GREAT job and how wonderful it was to see him doing what he is passionate about! we just can't get over how good God has been and how happy we are for them! the people were very friendly and we loved their church!

we dropped in on them at the last minute and our visit was short but we loved every minute of it! you know how sometimes when you see someone you're so excited but then when you leave it almost makes you miss them more than before you came? it was a bit like that for me this time.

i'll just have to look forward to the next time! :)


Vonda said...

Oh Beth, the pictures of your visit with Katy are great! So glad y'all had such a sweet time catching up with all of them. The kids looked like they had a ball together! And Katy looks fabulous...she does not look like she has less than a month to go! WOW!

And yes I know what you mean about missing someone more after you've been able to see them. I felt that way after you came out to visit us in TX! And girl I still miss you! So glad you had such a great time with your sweet friend!

Katy said...

it was the BEST Beth - it seemed longer than it was because we just pick up right where we left off. but it was WAY too short - there's so much more i wanted to show you and do with you. It may have been our first sleepover, but there had BETTER be many many more to come!!! now you know the way to come, right? :) love you my friend - can't wait till the next sleepover!