Reflections of a Mom's Life

Sunday, July 19, 2009


thank you for all your sweet comments and prayers that are being lifted up! to be honest, nothing has been resolved for any of the people we are praying for but i KNOW God is working.

had a few days away. this past weekend our family spent some precious time with dear friends, the Schrodt's. i NEEDED to see her. it did my heart good. then spent 5 days at Brosnan Forest in SC with my sister Grace and her family. had a BLAST. kids didn't want to come home. this seems to be the theme for Harrison's life these days...he wants to live at all the fun places we visit forever. :) i always hate coming home from vacation too. :)

log cabin, biking, golf cart riding, fishing, swimming, relaxing, sleeping, sitting on the porch in the rocking chair, cooking, talking, playing scrabble at night, dinner in Charleston, quality time with people i love, getting to know new friends...PERFECT.

i DO feel refreshed! the Lord is encouraging me in many ways. i'm thankful! still praying...


Heather said...

I'm so thankful you were able to rest as I know this can be hard on vacation sometimes! I'm praying for you, Beth and will continue to lift yall up! Love you!

Vonda said...

So glad y'all had such a great time at The Forest and visiting Katy too! Can't wait to see pictures of your great week!

Katy said...

believe me - it did my heart SO much good too!!! and now you can picture me in my house everywhere, right???

PS - I can see that while I wasn't answering my phone today, you were BUSY blogging!!!