Reflections of a Mom's Life

Monday, July 21, 2008


found jackson sitting INSIDE addison's crib today. addison was laying there trying to take her nap and jackson was sitting in the corner, looking at her.

needless to say some "discipline" was in order. climbing in the crib is definitely NOT OK!!! he is something else! i was dying to take a picture b/c there was a big part of me that will want to remember that moment and the look on his face when i "caught" him. i was afraid picture taking would send the wrong message! :) i'll just have to hope the picture in my mind will remain clear for years to come! :)

this poor girl! can't even rest in peace! :)


Katy said...

Jacob did that once too - never again though! I'm sure he looked gigantic in that little bitty crib next to that little bitty girl! I'm proud of you for refraining from picture taking - sometimes being a mommy is the higher priority than being a blogger, right?

Andy & Jen said...

He just can't get enough of his sister!

Phil & Gretch said...

That is a great story and will be a great memory!

Vonda said...

Unbelievable...we have just had some small toys thrown into the pack and play while Carolina Grace is inside. I am having to keep an eye out for that pink pig y'all gave her for Christmas...if Ella Rose threw that in on her little Sister, bless her heart. Scary huh??? Just think Jackson was just thinking he was keeping his little Sister company. Do I sound like an Aunt or what?

Linda Williams said...

When you told me about this I found myself smiling....Isn't that what Mimis are suppose to do? One day when Jackson is all grown up and is quite handsomely dressed up and looking really dapper....we are gonna have a ball telling his girlfriend all the things he got himself into, aren't we!


Jennifer said...

Sorry, but I think this is hilarious!!!!!! I mean of course it didn't happen to me buuut at least you know he wouldn't have hurt her. I mean hey, it's better than finding say, a cat, in bed with her.