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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our visit to VA Part 1 - Fun with Cousins

popcorn and movie night!!! so much fun!

Chuck E Cheese's - a treat from Mamaw!!!

sweet Emma!

We love Chuck E Cheese!!!

Mommy & Addison

Austin and his best buddy Jake

Grace &'s was getting close to bed time and she was getting sleepy!

We arrived in VA on Tuesday night, July 22nd. I made the trip with all three kids and it wasn't bad at all! (Anthony had to work and miss out on all the fun!) Three hours in the car could have been trouble but these kids of mine were just perfect! Jackson slept the whole way as well as did Addison and Harrison watched Veggie Tales...I think three different ones! :) Mamaw had dinner waiting on us and we were able to play and relax!

In the morning, we headed to the pool with Katy and her kids, Grace and her kids, Mamaw, and me and my kids. There was a nice breeze so the baby did perfectly. Katy and I were busy taking care of kids and making sure no one drowned that there wasn't much time for talking. One day! We look forward to the day of all the kids swimming and us sitting in our lounge chair, talking, reading, napping....sounds heavenly! :) It was so much fun and the kids had a ball! Sorry no pictures....again, too many kids to watch! :)

Our trip was getting off to a GREAT start! That night we headed to Chuck E. Cheese with Mamaw and all the cousins, for some reason there are no pictures of Mamaw and Baylee. :( It was POURING! A terrible storm so we were all rushing in. I had run the stroller up to the lobby and ran back to the car to get the baby when I FELL....FLAT...ON MY FACE!!! The rain was pouring on my back and there was no time to lay there and feel sorry for myself. I was getting soaked! :) I still have a skinned knee! I'm sure I'm on the security camera in all my glory for someone to get a good laugh! :) It was a great night and such a treat to play and have pizza with the cousins!


Jen said...

Cousins and MawMaws are the best. You just can't beat 'em! I bet it was fun!

Stephens Family News said...

Love the pink and brown picture of Addison with her Mommy! :o)

Katy said...

It was quite a day, that first day wasn't it!!! :) I love all the C.E.C. pictures - Emma looks SO grown up in them!!!!

Heather said...

Aww...I hate that you fell down in the rain! I'm sorry!
Glad you had fun the rest of the time:)

Bridgette said...

Poor Beth! At least it sounds better than scratching up your leg on a license plate or something ridiculous as that......:) DO you still have that scar?

I absolutely love seeing pics of your family!!! Reminds me of lots of good times!:)

Vonda said...

Oh you and your girl in your matching outfits are just precious! Love that! And Beth, so sorry you fell flat on your face in the rain nonetheless...yikes! Y'all just celebrated all week long didn't you? I mean going to Chuck E Cheese even with no party is such a treat! Yeah Mamaw!!!

Linda Williams said...

Well, I wish I had been there with all the celebrating with cousins and MamMaw (Did I spell that right?)

Mimi and Papa

Linda Williams said...

Well, I wish I had been there with all the celebrating with cousins and MamMaw (Did I spell that right?)

Mimi and Papa