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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our Trip to VA Part 2 - Birdie's

We spent Thursday morning with friends at Birdie's, a fun indoor play area for kids. The boys loved seeing their VA friends and I loved seeing all the girls! It was the perfect place for the kids to play and the mom's to sit and chat and catch up! I was the only one who brought my camera, I can't believe it, so I tried to get pictures of everyone! I still think I missed a few...we're a pretty big group now! :) Thanks for coming to hang out everyone! You know how much I loved seeing you all!

After we left Birdie's we went over to Katy's for lunch. The kids were able to play while Katy and I could sit and just talk. Callie enjoyed being with the girls and kept us entertained. She loves her little friend Addison. She even took a liking to Addison's pacifier! Hilarious! Callie is so social and I just love it! She even would come and sit in my lap and I couldn't get enough! I don't get to see these Schrodt kids as much as I'd like so it was a real treat that she was so comfortable!!! :)


Jen said...

Looks like this trip to Va was no business, all pleasure. We're glad we got to see you a couple of times and play. We always love getting to see the boys and now little Addison. It will be so fun watching her grow!

Vonda said...

Wow y'all just have the greatest glad y'all had such a great time in VA Beach. Addison looks so much like Harrison when he was a baby in the pixs where Jacob is holding her. Wow!

Katy said...

You're going to have to send me these pictures - I still am SO mad I forgot my camera at birdie's - you did all the work for us! You did a GREAT job capturing it all though - even the paci-stealing callie! That was a riot!

Linda Williams said...

Well, Beth you can NEVER say you don't have anybody to talk to.....You have the greatest support group ever, ranging from Virginia to North Carolina!

Hasn't God blessed in the most incredible way!