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Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4th Weekend - part 3

nanny & granddaddy had us over for dinner saturday night and it was delicious as always! it was so fun to spend more quality time with them and addison sure enjoyed the attention. the boys were there too but get less and less interested in taking pictures these days. :)

this is my cousin Chuck and his wife Amanda. you all prayed for him after he had that terrible car accident a few months ago. he is going well and was getting ready to start work that next monday after the 4th. the Lord really protected him, he still is in therapy for his hands/arms but doing very well. it was so great to see amanda again...such a sweet, happy couple!

sue and i had to get a picture at church of us with our baby girls! sue was due two weeks before me but madeline decided she had a different plan. madeline made her entrance at 36 weeks while addison decided to wait until 40 weeks plus 3 days. we are both loving having a little lady in the house to go along with our two big boys!

it was a GREAT weekend in VA, as it always is! i think because i have just had a baby and i'm still on the emotional side it made the trip a bit harder than it's been in a while. i really miss my family and all of you VA girlfriends. while i LOVE Raleigh, it was tougher to leave this time. i am so thankful for the friendships that God has given us and i'm so glad that the distance isn't keeping us from staying connected. the blog sure helps! :) it was great to see all of you and hopefully i can catch most of you this week! :)


Katy said...

I'm SO glad you and Sue got a picture with your little ladies! How fun is that! :) I'm just glad you're coming back this week - or else I would be having a REAL hard time about missing this last trip of yours!!!!

Vonda said...

Okay little Addison has a different outfit in every pix...I just love it! I know Nanny and Granddaddy must have had a ball with Addison. And so glad you got to see Sue and her baby girl too. And praise God Chuck is doing better...he and his bride sure are precious together.

Linda Williams said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time! I know I would have loved being there to help "show off" our little baby girl to all those friends at ASBC!