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Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4th Weekend - part 2

cody has the coolest swing!

Harrison was so excited to be back in at the beach!

These kids had the most fun time together playing on the beach waiting for the symphony orchestra and the fireworks to start!

addison with jen...she looks awful cozy!

jackson can always find the food. he'll drop playing for food anytime! :)

joe got the kids started on a big project and they had a ball! we even had some people join them that weren't part of our group! i guess it just looked like fun and they wanted to be a part of it! ;)

nothing is better than sitting on the beach with friends, the breeze blowing, watching the fireworks! it was so much fun and it is EVERY year! this is our tradition and we just have such a great time. parked at the convention center and walked down. the kids did great and addison slept in the bjorn the entire walk down and back. we spent some quality time with joe, jen, erin, anna, chris, jessica, & cody. (we missed you david and katy! we're glad you could be with family this year!) i hope this is our tradition for years and years to come! it was an incredible 4th!


Vonda said... have posted again! The July 4th pics are awesome, and it looks like y'all had such a great time at the beach. Aren't traditions great!!! So glad y'all have such sweet friends...but of course why wouldn't y'all...I think y'all are all great too!!!

Katy said...

oh it makes me so sad AGAIN just looking at these pictures! I love this tradition too, and even though we LOVED being with the family in DC, we missed our own little concert and seeing the fireworks over the ocean!!! I'm glad you stuck with the tradition though! :) Next YEAR! - imagine! Addison will be running around with Callie!!!

Jen said...

Isn't 4th of July just the best day? We are so glad the fireworks went off this year and we got some good time with you guys! Can't wait till next time!

Linda Williams said...

Now, I believe I see a KFC box of chicken......Makes me hungry just lookin' at the pictures!

Yes, it is good to have friends that have been tried and proved over years of togetherness.